Small Group Art & Cultural Tours

Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm is now available for a limited number of spaces;

26 October 2017 – On request

23 November 2017 – 2 spaces

There is lots of other amazing art around Auckland and the Auckland region. If you are interested in learning more please contact us. We would be happy to share and to help you make the most of your time here.

Join our small bus from Auckland as we venture northwest to Gibbs Farm, located on the magnificent Kaipara Harbour approximately 75 minutes from Auckland. Gibbs Farm is the one of the most amazing sculpture parks in the southern hemipshere. Featuring works by Len Lye, Richard Serra, Neil Dawson and more.

If you have been on the Gibbs Farm website, and have found your way here please note the following;

GIbbs Farm is open on average 8 – 9 days a year. As it is a private property there is no access outside of these open days. These have in the past occurred on the 3rd Thursday of the month, excluding Winter and January. December has been open been previously around the 7th. We provide tours on open days only.

Check out some previous photos here:

Pack a lunch, a parker and some good shoes.


Gibbs Farm FAQs are here


Gibbs Farm Day Tour

Join our small bus group departing central Auckland at 9am and returning approximately 3.30pm

Upcoming dates subject to confirmation

$119 per person including GST limited to 8 – 10 guests. This event goes regardless of weather – no refunds given unfortunately.

Gibbs Farm Terms and Conditions available here

and location, along with clarification of areas open to visitors.

4. Gibbs Farm is a multiple hazard area – persons entering this property must

comply with all safety regulations under the Health & Safety in Employment Act


5. Please adhere to all signage.

6. Toilets are provided and clearly marked on the map within the ‘Gibbs Farm

Guide’. All other buildings are private and are not to be entered.

7. Gibbs Farm contains a variety of animals that roam freely. Please do not feed or

chase them.

8. No animals or domestic pets are allowed…. believe it or not this includes dogs.

9. Please do not climb on or into any sculptures.

10. Please remove all rubbish.

11. Alcohol is not permitted.

12. Photography is allowed.

13. When driving from the property entrance to the designated car park, please

keep vehicle speed down to 25 kilometers or below per hour.

14. Access to all artworks is by foot, unless prior arrangements have been made

with the Farm Manager.

15. There is no fee for visiting the farm.

16. Visits are not weather dependent.

17. Good walking shoes are necessary as the farm is a 3-4 hour walking experience.