Based around the Biennale, our ten-day tour in late September will offer a mix of cutting edge contemporary art, modernist architecture and rich Venetian culture.

Led by guide Jennifer Buckley, our small group of art enthusiasts will spend six days and nights in Venice, taking in the Biennale exhibitions, collateral events, galleries and private museums.  With the help of some friendly locals, we will discover a few of the city’s hidden gems and also take a trip to one or two of the lagoon’s picturesque islands.

On the seventh day, instead of rest, the group will venture into the Veneto, visiting some of the region’s architectural wonders including Palladio’s Villa Capra in Vicenza, and Carlo Scarpa’s sublime Brion Cemetery in Altivole, before finishing the day in the walled city of Verona. The next two days will be spent absorbing some of the Verona’s rich culture and monuments, among them Carlo Scarpa’s masterpiece, the Castelvecchio museum.

Suggested itinerary

Day 1. Tuesday 17 September 2019

Arrive Venice and settle into your home for the next week. Hotel Ca Pisani is located in Dorsoduro, next to the Accademia and a short walk from the Peggy Guggennheim Museum.

Day 2. Wednesday 18 September 2019

This morning make your way by ferry to the Giardini. Jennifer will introduce you to the Venice Biennale. You will spend the day exploring the many country pavilions and main exhibition hall.

Day 3. Thursday 19 September 2019

Discover the Arsenale today, and more key pavilions and works.

Day 4. Friday 20 September 2019

Visit a local market before spending the afternoon visiting Torcello and Burano Islands.

Day 5. Saturday 21 September 2019

Today experience some of the Biennale collateral exhibitions and other musuems.

Day 6. Sunday 22 September 2019

Finish off the Biennale with a return to the Giardini or Arsenale.

Day 7. Monday  23 September 2019

Join a friendly local for a walking tour this morning of some of the less visited areas of Venice.

Day 8. Tuesday 24 September 2019

Today we depart Venice for the Veneto, and visit Possagno where you will find Canova’s Gipsoteca, Altivole to take in the magnificent Brion Tomb by Carlo Scarpa, and wander the pedestrian precinct of Vicenza in search of Palladio. Late afternoon we arrive in Verona.

Day 9. Wednesday 25 September 2019

Explore Verona today, including Castelvecchio. This beautiful building was restored by Carlo Scarpa.

Day 10. Thursday 26 September 2019

We bid our farewells and depart to Milan where you can spend time, head home, or off on the next part of your adventure.



  • 7 Nights at Hotel Ca Pisani Design Hotel in Venice including breakfast
  • 3 Nights in Verona including breakfast
  • All transfers by bus, ferry and vaporetto as per the final itinerary
  • All gallery and Venice Biennale tickets
  • Jennifer Buckley as your guide
  • A tour manager


  • Travel Insurance which is mandatory
  • Any museum entrances not included in the final itinerary
  • Any meals not included in the final itinerary

Guest 10 – 14 guests

Suggested cost to budget: Coming August 2018

*Your itinerary is subject to change.

House of Travel Terms and Conditions apply