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Destination: Whanganui

Whanganui – Artists Open Studios

I used to frequent Whanganui as a child, roaming Kowhai Park, surfing Morgan Street, swimming at the local school pool and playing on the hill in Cooks Gardens. Now that I am all grown up and interested in art, it turns out Whanganui is a whole lot more than I remember.
Its mix of heritage and Modernist architecture, river walks, combined with a recent history as a centre of glass artistry makes it a rewarding place to visit. With the addition ofthe Sarjeant Gallery it is one of New Zealand’s great regional art destinations. Facilitated by affordable housing, artists and professionals returning to the city and a continual turnover of artists visiting the Tylee Cottage residency program there is very vibrant arts scene. A great time of year to visit is  when they have the “Artists Open Studios” which is spread over two weekends in March/April. This event offers access to over fifty studios and galleries around Whanganui and up to Waverley and a chance to meet the artists and makers that abound here.




Visit Whanganui

Places to visit:

Artist Open Studio

Sarjeant Gallery

New Zealand Glassworks

Millbank Gallery

Quartz Museum of Studio Ceramics

The Arts Centre

Whanganui Regional Museum